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Amy Crowe, Owner & Founder

I'm a native North Carolinian and grew up in the Charlotte area. I've used my own personal struggles with weight and confidence in creating Worthy Figures. I have been overweight my entire life, and it often prevented me from living my best life, not because I couldn’t, but because I couldn’t see that I was worthy of it. Finding clothes that fit and that I loved seemed to often be mutually exclusive. When I was in high school, I couldn’t shop at any regular stores because they didn't carry my size. When I was younger, this really devastated me and had a lasting impact on my self-esteem. It wasn't until I started realizing through lots of shopping how to find things that worked for my body and where to find the right things.

I want to use my knowledge and expertise in helping women find what works for your body and looking amazing. My hope is that other women will now have an amazing place to shop and find things that encourage them. We should no longer feel bad about ourselves or settle with the choices offered to us for fashion. More than ever, we have the power to build each other up and demand better for ourselves and the fashion industry. We are worthy women that deserve all the goodness life has to offer, including fashionable clothing.

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