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Nothing is more convenient than online shopping. You can pick your size, color, price range then have it arrive right at your door. You get to avoid crowds and shop while in your pj's. It all sounds great until you go to try on your clothes. It's almost always instant disappointment. Then, what started as a convenient experience turns into a nightmare...the return. Very rarely, can something arrive online and fit perfectly. The only real way to be 100% happy with a purchase it to try it on first. Trying on clothes, especially in larger sizes, is extremely important to finding the right fit and satisfaction. Everyone keeps asking me if my clothes are available online. I struggled with this because I want shopping to be convenient. But, I also know that nothing can beat actually trying clothes on to make customers completely satisfied with their purchases. Here's why I don't sell online...

In making sure that I delivery something unique and of quality for my Worthy gals, I wanted to see how online services, especially those specific to plus size, worked. I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Personally, I had already tried Gwynnie Bee and Stitch Fix, but I hadn't tried Dia & Co. yet. Here's why Worthy is a more satisfying shopping experience and a run down of each service:

Dia & Co.

I start with them first because I really thought this was going to be the best service. It is just for plus sizes, which I greatly appreciate. But, after 3 boxes, I didn't keep one single item. I'd spent money on styling fees that was pretty much just like chunking cash in the trashcan. The styles were off, and the fit was too. I wanted to give it a few tries to give it a chance, but after the 3rd horrendous box, I was done. It didn't help that everything was ridiculously over priced. The same jeggings I've found at Marshall's for $20 they were asking over $60...for jeggings.

Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee is a little different because you rent the clothes with the option to buy. It sounds great until you realize you're paying a monthly fee only to go back and forth with things by mail. I found myself not really getting the "bang for my buck". Again, it all came down to fit. I would anxiously await my package in the mail only to be disappointed when nothing fit or didn't look the same in person as it did online. I give kuddos to them for trying the rental option. If you wanted to keep any items though, they were way overpriced for items previously worn.

Stitch Fix

I've tried Stitch Fix on-again-off-again for about 4-5 years now. I find myself wasting money more than being happy with my boxes. I found most of the items too expensive for what they were. Several years ago, their clothes didn't go past a size 14, and they ran small. I think most of what they offer are more like junior's sizing. The quality of items aren't great, so I feel like you're paying a lot more for something you could probably find much cheaper in stores. Just to make sure I was giving them a fair shake, I tried them again one more time just last week. To my surprise, everything in the box fit. However, I still had sticker shock from the prices. I'm sorry, but I'm not paying anywhere between $60-80 for items made from acrylic that I can find in discount stores. I thought the items were more thoughtful in regards to my person style, but I still only kept one item just so I didn't lose my styling fee. It was just too expensive.

So in summary, these online services are disappointing because of two major reasons: 1. No matter how hard they try, they can never get the fit right, and 2. They're just too expensive.

Keeping this in mind, that's why Worthy is so important to me. I want women to be stoked to shop, try on, and find things at an affordable price. Affordability and fit are the cornerstones of what I do, and that's because you deserve clothes that fit that don't break the bank. Come in and shop today, and we'll have fun together finding things that work just for YOU!