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Tips for not looking frumpy this winter

Tired of the cold weather already? Me too! Winter is so hard because you crave being comfortable but don't want to look frumpy all season. Here are a few tips I've discovered to stay warm, comfortable and look cute! Pictures below for ideas too.

  1. Love is in the details. Find a warm, comfortable sweater that has a cute detail to it. For me, that might be a lace-up, zipper, or elbow patch. Your choice!
  2. God's answer to comfort...the legging. So many thankful prayers have gone up for leggings being in style the past several years. Find a great pair that fit and are comfortable, and pair with some cute boots and a sweater. Added bonus is a fun scarf! My go-to leggings are either Fabletics high-waisted or my faux leather Spanx leggings.
  3. Pumped up kicks. Find you some funky sneakers that are comfortable but fashionable. This year, metallic is super in, so grab some metallic toned slip-ons for comfort and fashion.
  4. It figures. Finding a jacket that doesn't make you look like a potato sack is tough. I found a jacket with contouring on the sides, and I'm in love with it! Gives me a great hourglass shape (even though I'm a classic pear). Look for coats and jackets that cut in on the ribs/waist to still give you shape.
  5. Accessorize. Tobogans/beanies can be hard to find that are functional and fashionable. Ones with metallic threading or fun designs are great. Head wraps that cover the ears can also look fashionable and help keep your ears warm. Bonus! They mess your hair up less too! Pair with some cute gloves, and you're all set. Also, coffee is always a great accessory :)