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Summer style tips and fashion advice

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Some women feel summer fashion is harder for plus size, but I'm here to help you find and wear with confidence all of this summer's trends! Here are some tips and advice for shopping summer styles and trends in plus sizes.


I’ve heard too many women say they cannot wear jumpsuits or rompers because of their size. I’m here to say you can! My advice is to size up to give the jumpsuit or romper a blouse-y look and feel. Find soft and comfortable fabrics that are great for moving and beating the heat this summer. If you don't feel quite ready to wear a jumpsuit or romper yet, the high-low maxi dress is trending this summer too. 


An easy way to bring summer’s trends to your plus size look is by incorporating hot prints. Majorly trending this summer are gingham, flamingos, pineapples, succulents, tropical prints and fruits. They’re popular not only because they’re cute, but they just embody the summer vibe.

Want to take these trendy prints to the office? Here’s some tips on including these fun prints at work:

  • Wear a classic silhouette with a trendy print. Classic A-line dresses or pencil skirts are a great way to do this.
  • Pair the prints with neutral cardigans and shoes.
  • Add a professional bag to pull the look together.


Swimsuit does not have to be a four-letter-word in your vocabulary. I’m obsessed with high-waist two pieces. They’re great for coverage and comfort but still let you show some skin. If you’re large chested, I suggest shopping by bra/cup size. If you're going to purchase online, a good tip is to go somewhere and get a professional bra fitting. That way, you can use your measurements to shop online easier. Swimsuits For All is my favorite plus size website for swimwear, and I like to carry their suits for Worthy.

Confidence – The greatest part about any outfit is you. I want so badly for every woman to feel confident in wearing whatever she wants. You don’t have to hide in your clothes or feel that certain looks aren’t for you. You are worthy of it all!

If you’re feeling a little lost when it comes to what to shop for your body or not sure of your personal style, Worthy also offers personal shopping and styling services.