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Style in the Workplace Series - Risky Business

If you’re really wanting to take some fashion risks at work, I say go for it so long as you still come across as professional. Remember, your career is about you excelling, and your wardrobe plays a part in that. If you’re wanting to take some risks, read the other blog posts on tips that let you bring your personal style to work while still being professional. Here are some looks that I took a risk on at work but still felt were professional.


The jumper.

This year, jumpers were a huge trend. At first, I wasn’t crazy about them, but then I found a few that I thought were really cute. I found this blue velvet one that I just fell in love with. To wear to work, I paired it with a more conservative top. When wearing a trend to work, keep it to one trend per look. Don’t go wearing a jumper, fur, leather, animal print, etc. all at once. Wear one trend at a time and then wear basics or classics with it. That way, the trend shines but still looks appropriate for work.

Pops of color.

Sometimes, we can feel like we’ve got to wear dark colors or neutrals to work. But, every now and then a nice pop of color can not only brighten your wardrobe but your day at work. One of my favorite dresses I took a risk on wearing to work was this green lace dress. I got so many compliments on it! Because of the lace and length, it still was conservative enough for work but felt super trendy because of the color and sports striping. I also wore this bright yellow skirt and printed blouse for summer.

Leather and other textiles

Leather is one of my favorite things in the colder months, but I think some women are intimidated by it. The key to wearing leather to work is making sure it’s classic more than dominatrix! A great pencil skirt or blazer in leather looks great for work but has that edgy style too. I wear this camel colored leather pencil skirt to work quite a bit, and I love it. It’s a classic cut but a trendy material and color. Two of my favorite leather jackets are cream and pink. If you saw my earlier post, you know that I love leather jackets as an alternative to a classic blazer or cardigan. They’re also multi-functional because you can wear them casually or dress them up too. This pink leather jacket also is a great pop of color to take your work wear look up a notch! Colorful leather was so trendy this fall and winter, and it’ll continue to transition to lighter tones for spring. Other trendy textiles for work are velvet, metallic, fur and more! Like I said earlier, just make sure you wear one trend at a time and pair with classics so you’re not over doing it for work.