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Spring Trends Sneak Peek

Cold days be damned! Spring is coming up quick, and if you’re not excited, are you even a real person? Everyone loves spring. It is the time of newness. Fresh, blossoming life coming forth with the first days of warmth, leaving behind the cold, long days of winter. It truly doesn’t get much better than spring. I think that’s why spring fashion is so exciting. It’s a reflection of our deep love for the season.

This spring, there are some fun and simple trends. Here’s a few of my favorites that you can expect to see a lot of with the spring collection.

Red and pink. It may sound like cupid exploded and splashed all over your clothes, but it’s true. Red and pink together is a major trend in fashion right now. It’s something about the girly pink next to the bold red that makes it this beautiful juxtaposition. It’s a true representation of what we can be as women, strong and soft at the same time. So watch out to make a bold statement with this trend.

Polka dots. Let me start out by saying, I usually hate polka dots. It’s not a print that I wear. But, it’s not in that classic, boring way. Whether it’s the color or cut, fashion is pulling the polka dot trend into 2020 in a modern way. Take for instance these two pieces. What would normally be just your average polka dot sweater is modernized with the slightly puff sleeve. Use your styling to modernize the look further. This sage dress has a hint of polka dot, but it’s boho feel doesn’t make the polka dot boring or plain at all. All this to say, polka dots are back, but it’s trendy!


Lavender. Pastels are always a hit for spring, but just like last year, lavender is a major trend. Even in the colder months, lavender has stuck around trending as a color to wear. I think because of just how soft of a color it is makes it so great, and it’s an alternative to pink. Aren’t we all just a little sick of blush hues by now? So don’t shy away from lavender this spring. Maybe try it in some funky ways like a denim jacket or corduroy skirt (coming soon to Worthy Figures!)

Entro_Tie dye dress.png

Tie dye. That’s right. You heard me. It’s not just for hippie festivals. Tie dye is having a major moment in fashion, but it’s not what you may think. It’s more subtle colors and softer lines, making it more of a watercolor effect than what you’re used to seeing. Take a look at these super cute looks in tie dye.

So that’s it! A quick glimpse into the trends for spring. Look for these trends and more getting added Worthy Figures soon.