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Protect Your Fat Ass - Encouragement for defending who you are

If you haven’t noticed already, I don’t see fat as the other f-word. Take control back from those who have used that word as a derogatory and hurtful word to one that you can use to identify with and embrace it as just another word.

Attending Fat Camp this summer really helped me to further embrace fat acceptance and being fat positive. I mean, what’s so wrong with being fat? Absolutely nothing! It’s just who you are. But, this time of year can be really hard to stay strong.

Liesl and Jessica hosts of Fat Girls Club Podcast

Liesl and Jessica hosts of Fat Girls Club Podcast

During the holidays and into the new year, we are surrounded by food, diet and “health” talk. Everyone starts pushing to diet and lose weight, which can be hard to hear when you’re out there trying your hardest to love your body as it is.

I was listening to Fat Girls Club Podcast hosted by Liesl Binx and Jessica Torres who I had the absolute pleasure of getting to meet and get to know at Fat Camp. You’ve got to subscribe and listen to these babes. They’re so sweet and funny, and they are truly covering some relevant and helpful conversations about being fat. Head over to their episode Advocating for Yourself During the Holidays for a great talk on how to handle these discussions.

During the episode, they go over a list of 27 responses from Your Fat Friend that you can use this holiday season and the new year when people bring up diet talk. It’s an empowering list to have handy to combat that kind of talk when you don’t want to have those conversations.

Protect yourself this holiday season and into the new year! Knowledge is power, so equip yourself with what you need to advocate and speak up for yourself and other fat people. Words and actions matter, and we can all stick together and be empowered to say “no more”. Here’s to a happy and fat holiday season and new year!