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Plus Size Bridal Journey - The Proposal

Wearing my amazing earrings from Lini + Pop. Shop her collection at Charlotte Collective.

Wearing my amazing earrings from Lini + Pop. Shop her collection at Charlotte Collective.

A wedding proposal is so special, because it’s someone saying, “I choose you, forever.” It’s such a romantic thing, and all I wanted with a proposal were two things - one, for it to actually, finally happen and second, for it to be special. I’m not really a huge, romantic gesture type of girl, so I really just wanted something sweet and thoughtful.

After being together for over 5 years, you can imagine, we’d had plenty of conversations about getting married and proposing. Tyler was putting way too much pressure on himself to make it more than it needed to be. I appreciate him wanting to make it wonderful, but ya girl was tired of waiting!

Each summer, we take a family vacation to the beach with my family. A few weeks before our trip, I got a new dress in for Worthy Figures. Every time I get a new item in, I immediately try it on. I tried it on and showed it to him for his thoughts. He told me I should pack that for the beach and we could get dressed up one night for a walk out on the beach. I immediately knew something was up. He never plans ahead or makes plans at all, so this was a huge giveaway for him. Poor guy cannot keep a secret!

The week we were leaving for the beach, he took a call from my mom and felt the need to tell me that I couldn’t hear the conversation. Another big giveaway from him. Like I said, he’s horrible at hiding things. I’m not sure he’s ever pulled off a surprise in our relationship. Although after all this time, it felt so good to think it was finally going to happen. I was so excited!


Once we got to the beach, he was super relaxed. A little too relaxed, so I started getting really worried I had misread everything and that it wasn’t going to happen. A couple days went by, and still no proposal. I thought maybe he was waiting until the last night. But, I made sure to dress up and do my hair and makeup for the one night we decided to go catch a sunset.

We drove down to the bayside where the sun sets at Fort Morgan. Oddly enough, I was so relaxed even though I knew it was going to happen. I could tell he was panicking a little bit because there were way more people down at the bay than we’re used to. He was watching and waiting for most of them to leave, then he gave his little speech and got down on one knee. It was so great to be by ourselves, at a place we love and surrounded by nature’s beauty. It was perfect. It was simple, sweet and meaningful, which is all I wanted.


We asked a sweet man who was fishing with his family to snap a few pictures of us, and I brought home some sea shells from the bayside as a token of the memory. Our family was super excited for us, and I could not believe how good a job he did with the ring! Like it’s perfect! It’s totally my style and a unique ring. All he really knew was that I wanted gold and something unique, and he found the perfect one. Highly recommend Diamonds Direct if you’re ring shopping. They’ve been wonderful to work with and did a great job resizing my ring too. I got this special dish from Gloria Faye Designs (shop at Charlotte Collective) for my ring too.


After the proposal, Tyler told me how his actual plans went to total crap once we got to the beach. In true fashion, my mom and sister were trying to help him, and he really wanted to do it on his own. His initial plan was to spell out “marry me” in seashells on the beach, but once we got to the beach, he remembered that Fort Morgan doesn’t have shells on the beach. He couldn’t catch a break! So, he decided to improvise and just do a beautiful sunset proposal. It was all I wanted. Him asking me to marry me is all that mattered.