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How to Celebrate Love and Look Good Doing It!

Valentine%27s+Day_2019_002.jpgSo many women feel sad about Valentine’s Day if they’re single. I admit, it’s a day that feels like the world is shining a spotlight on your relationship status, but really, the day is just about love. In all it’s forms, love is something to celebrate. I spent 28 Valentine’s Days single. Yes, you read that correctly, 28. Some years were tougher than others when the holiday rolled around, but as I got older, I realized that none of it really mattered. I had love in my life each and every day. My friends and family were a daily source of love and joy for me, but most importantly, I began to realize that the longest relationship I would ever have is with myself. I learned to start loving who I was and taking that day to treat myself to things that made me happy. Even since being in a relationship, I still treat the day that way. I love meeting up with a friend for lunch or getting my nails done. Last year I even went to a new coffee shop just to explore somewhere new on my own. And, I wore an amazing outfit all day to make me feel extra special!

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, take time to celebrate the love in your life and do something that shows yourself some love too. If you’re wanting some outfit inspiration, here are some fun ideas below for different types of outfits for Valentine’s Day.

Date Night

If you’re going on a date for Valentine’s Day, maybe dress a little sexier than your usual look. For me, I like showing off a part of my body that makes me feel good about myself and confident. Usually, that’s my legs, hips, thighs or butt. I didn’t want to go full bodycon in this black dress, so I paired it with my fur coat for extra sass and chic. I took that same coat and wore it with a little bit more conservative dress that still let me pop my leg out for a sexy feel. My Kiss Me dress in the shop is also too perfect for a date night! Show off “the girls” and look super flirty in this dress.

The Work Look

Just going to work like any other day of the week? You can wear something for the holiday that’s work appropriate too. Feel a little festive! I love ModCloth’s prints, and I carry of lot of their Valentine’s looks because they’re so adorable. Anything heart print is obviously a win! I like finding blouses in cute prints to spice up my work look but still be professional. This red a-line skirt is also great for work because it’s classic cut with a twist. The cute detail of texture and color really make it stand out but still be work appropriate. It’s available for sale in the shop! Make sure to catch my other workplace style tips from previous blogs too.

Galentine’s Day

Just celebrating with your gal pals? No worries, I’ve got some ideas for that too! Sometimes, I feel my most fashionable when I’m going to hang with my gals. I don’t have a ton of reasons to get dressed up and try new fashions, but when I’m meeting with friends, I take that as my opportunity to really go for it! Give yourself an excuse to wear that outfit you’ve been dying to wear! Try a jumpsuit from my ModCloth collection for something new!

No matter how you’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day, you can do it wearing something fabulous! Get creative and wear something fun and exciting that makes you feel amazing.