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Health discussions are still ok!

Samantha Eaton, Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coach

Samantha Eaton, Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coach

As you all know, I’m anti diet. Diets are a way for people to get trapped into vicious cycles of self-loathing, body hatred and frustration. Diets are a profitable industry. They are designed to make money, not to get you to your healthiest self. Health looks different for each person because every body is different. What works for one person isn’t going to work for everyone. Also, denying yourself certain foods or restricting to the point of misery isn’t healthy either. Psychologically, these things take their toll.

I’ve been looking to connect with others in Charlotte who share this same philosophy and focus on health at every size and your body image as most important. If you can’t love yourself right now, no matter what your state may be, you never will. I have been looking for people in the health industry who help people find what works for them and avoid anything restrictive or weigh-based as their goals.

I had the great opportunity to meet Samantha Eaton last week, and I loved her energy and philosophy. Samantha Eaton is a Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coach.  She helps women who are FED UP with diets learn how to feel happy and confident with their body, eating habits, and health is her absolute passion.  She's also a mom to 2 adorable French Bulldogs (Maddie & Brady), considers herself a certified chocoholic, and is a mega introvert who strives to spend at least 90% of her life in leggings :)

Her unique approach is the antidote to traditional restriction-based programs that never seem to be enjoyable, work, or stick in a sustainable way. As a result of her Mind-Body-Food Method, she coaches clients to reprogram their mind, reset their body, and revamp their eating habits to look and feel their personal best without deprivation or food rules. It's a sustainable transformation in a holistic way that is flexible, fun, and empowering. 

Meeting people where they are and creating 100% custom programs are the foundation of her work. She's here to help make looking and feeling your best easier and attainable and is offering a free 5-day challenge to take initial steps see results beyond the scale:

This is not me promoting a diet in any way but trying to help women rethink and reshape the conversation about health and their body image. Health is an internal focus on what your, no one else’s, body needs. In talking about health, it’s equally important to talk about the mind, body and spirit. If you’re solely focused on just body and seeing a certain number on the scale, your mind and spirit are likely suffering. When you approach health in a holistic way and look at it all together, you’re going to be much happier.