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Don't say "no" to trends just because of your size

Ever felt like you just couldn't wear certain fashion trend because of your size? I hear a lot of women say this, and it always makes me sad. I remember the first time I ever wore leggings as pants. I had always thought I couldn't wear them because I have a big butt and thighs. But, one night, I was running to the mall to look around, and I threw some on with a long tee shirt and calf high boots. I remember thinking what people thought looking at me and wondering if they were thinking, "She's too big to be wearing that", "Her butt looks huge", and other awful thoughts crossing my mind. Since then, I've gained a lot of confidence and grown up quite a bit to realize something very important:  most people are too busy thinking about themselves to even notice you, AND most importantly, that if other people are more bothered by your body then you are, then what does it matter? Your body, your thoughts. You own it. Looking back, I realize all those insecurities were totally made up by me. I was thinking those thoughts and feeding them to myself. No one said anything to me, and if they were thinking it, who cares!?

So when it comes to trends and things you want to try with your fashion, go for it! Women shouldn't just completely eliminate a trend from your style just because of pressures to feel like you have to look like everyone else who wears it. One thing that's a major trend again this fall is leather leggings, and a lot of women are hesitant to try them, especially that have thicker thighs. Just like everything else, it's all about fit and styling. If you really like the look of something, give it a try. Get outside your comfort zone a little and quit telling yourself that something is totally off limits for you. 

Here are some ideas for how you can wear them! 

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