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Doing the heavy lifting for you

Shopping for "plus size" clothing is frustrating for so many reasons. You have to not only find stores that carry your size but stores that carry quality clothing that fits your body. Then, usually once you've found that, you're left with selections that aren't fashionable or trendy. If you're lucky enough to find cute clothes in your size that fit well, you take one look at the price tag and feel hopefully. Clothes that come in larger sizes charge more because they know the women looking for those items have few options of where to shop and what to buy. So, most women find all of this frustrating and are left to shop online and buy and return items even more helplessly in search of clothes that fit.

With Worthy, my hope is that I've done all the heavy lifting for you. I've spent countless hours shopping for affordable clothing in trendy and fashionable styles. That way, when you come to the shop, there are already items there just for you to eliminate all of the frustration that comes from all of your other shopping ventures. Don't continue shopping and feeling discouraged! Come to Worthy and enjoy a shopping experience that has already done the work for you.