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Booty Poppin' - Tips to Finding Comfortable Undies for Big Booties

Photo credit: Katelyn Scott Boudoir

Photo credit: Katelyn Scott Boudoir

Are you a big booty babe? Finding a comfortable pair of underwear can be a real struggle. I imagine, like me, you’ve had your fair share of days wearing super uncomfortable underwear just waiting to get home and toss them in the trash. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then please consider yourself super lucky. 

If you have a larger butt and hips, finding good-fitting and comfortable underwear can be a challenge. I’ve had way too many days walking down the halls at work worried that my underwear was going to fall off because my hips rode them down. Or, the countless times I’ve had an intense wedgie because my big booty swallowed up my undies. Struggle bus! After a few years of trial and error, I’ve figured out a few tips that have worked for me in finding comfortable underwear. Wanted to share with my fellow big booty babes.

3 Tips to Finding Comfy Undies for Big Booties:

  1. Abandon the “cheekies”. I know we all want to be sexy, but is it worth sacrificing our daily comfort? Nah. Cheekies were originally designed for women to show more cheeks, but if you already have a fully booty, you weren’t having that issue to begin with. Your booty is hanging out just fine! So, if you have a big booty and buy cheekies, you’re just asking for major wedgie issues. I get it. You love your butt and want to show it. I do too! But, when you’re having to wear it all day, is it worth the discomfort? I say “no”. Also, if you’re doing it for your partner, they probably just prefer you naked anyway. Skip the wedgie and get naked. While we’re at it, let’s include thongs too. Butt floss, no thanks!

  2. Hips don’t lie. Shakira sure was right. If you’re like me and have wide hips, it can sometimes feel like every pair of underwear, or even bathing suit bottoms, just digs in your side and creates extra lines or rolls. I’m not hating on rolls, but you don’t want your undies giving your body an unnatural line. Then, there’s the issue of your hips shifting your undies as you walk or move. My hips literally shove my underwear down sometimes and almost fall off! The solution - wide sides. Find underwear that has wider side panels to cover more of your hips. That keeps your underwear in place and prevents weird lines. I usually go for a boyfriend or brief cut, and that helps.

  3. It’s all in the design. Undies with soft edges, lace and stretch have worked best for me. I’ve noticed that when I get undies that have thicker hemlines around the edges, it can create panty lines and dig into my pelvic area. To avoid that, I stick to seamless or thinner materials to keep lines and discomfort to a minimum. This especially helps with my hip area to decrease undies cutting in on my sides. Lace undies with stretch have just the right about of give and thinness to form to my butt and hips as they should. But, it also gives them enough movement to go with my body throughout the day. Less wedgies and falling off! 

So there you have it. Some simple tips that I’ve found helpful in getting comfortable underwear to make your every day a little better. Here’s to the big booties. We love them and embrace them.