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A worthy shopping experience

Walk in to any department store, and you'll find the plus size clothing section segregated from all other clothing. Usually, it is in the farthest, darkest corner of the store. The placement of this section tells women that we aren't worthy of shopping with everyone else and that we are to be hidden while shopping. Once you find the "plus size" section, there's immediately a noticeable difference in the style of clothing. Most of it is baggy, ugly patterns and geared toward older ages. It is perhaps the most discouraging and degrading shopping experience that there is.

Not only are the items and placement discouraging, but the price tags are too. Often, as sizes go up, so do prices. Just because you need a larger size does not mean you should have to pay more. Stores that cater to larger sizes often charge significantly more than those same styles in smaller sizes. It's just not fair. To wear fashionable clothes in your size should not cost astronomical prices.

For Worthy, I wanted to create an atmosphere and service that allowed women to have the same shopping experience as everyone else. The shop is bright, colorful and full of items that are both fashionable and affordable. It is a safe space that allows you to try on things that you already love and even go outside your comfort zone and try new things. What's the worst that could happen trying something new with just me and you? We have a good laugh and just move on! There's only one rule while shopping, "No negative comments." You are not allowed to talk bad about your body, but instead, let's have a dialogue about your body and how to best dress it up. Everyone woman has beautiful features to enhance and honor. I'm here to help you discover just that!