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5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

It really is the little things in life that truly bring us joy. For me, it can be something as simple as a funny episode of the same show I’ve seen a million times. However we may find small bits of happiness in our day matters, which is why I’m sharing these 5 things that I’m loving lately. I hope these will bring you as much happiness as they do me!



A lot of people subscribe and rave about Birchbox and Fit Fab Fun boxes, but don’t sleep on Ipsy! It’s only $10 a month, and you get samples (based on your preferences) of high-end beauty products. By the time you run out of the sample sizes each month, your next one arrives, so you pretty much have an endless supply of items. I love that I get to try things first without buying the full size (at full price) only to end up possibly not liking it. But with Ipsy, you get to try things risk-free and then can go by it full-size if you love it. 

I also like that they let you pick at list one item that’s a for-sure inclusion with your bag each month, and you can add on (for a small additional cost) other items if you want to. This month, I added several items to use as stocking stuffers! Oh, and I almost forgot the best part! Each month, you get a really cute and different style makeup bag. My favorite so far has been the constellations on a pink bag. If you’re not totally convinced yet, head over to Ipsy and find out more.


Are you as sherpa obsessed as I am? It’s so cozy and cuddly for the winter season, how can you not be? I’m totally cold natured, so I love how warm I instantly get from wearing anything sherpa. From lined boots to teddy coats, I love wearing it head to toe. 


Of course, my favorite is the teddy coat Worthy Figures carried this season. It’s out of stock, so you all loved it too! I’m also into all the Aerie sherpa items this year. Although not completely size inclusive, I do love that Aerie’s campaigns encourage body positivity by showing all body types without any airbrushing. So bundle up babes because you know January and February are going to bring the chill.


Ok ok, so every now and then, especially more as I get older, I’m turning into that complete basic bitch. I jumped on the Disney+ bandwagon really quick, and I can’t stop. I bawled my eyes out to the new Lady and the Tramp and have been singing along to all my favorites. Confession: Sword in the Stone is my all-time favorite Disney movie. No shame!

I think the reason we all love Disney so much, even as adults, is because it lets us use our imagination, incites our creative side and is just pure fun. I love that Disney movies grow with us as we age, and we can often find deeper meanings and stories each time we watch it. I would love to know what your favorite Disney movie is and why! Let me know in the comments.



I have joked that plants are the new dogs, although I’m still way more of a crazy dog mom. But, I’m really enjoying getting more plants in our home. I’ve never had them before because I have a black thumb...I kill everything. This time around, I’m being intentional about making sure I take care of them. It’s a goal for me to stop, take time out of my busy schedule and devote my time to caring for something else. Who knew plants would be teaching me to stop and think about something other than my to-do list?


Since I absolutely can’t handle the news these days, I’ve turned to filling my car rides with podcasts. Of course, I’ve been listening to them for years, but lately, I’m really into ones that are connected to my business like Amy Porterfield for marketing and Fat Girls Club Podcast to give me all the body positive encouragement. For funsies (and admittedly my obsession with The Office), I’m listening to The Office Ladies with Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer going episode by episode recapping The Office. Like seriously amazing! And I’m still waiting on John Krasinski to make a guest appearance…be still my heart.

So there you have it, a glimpse into the things I’m loving lately. Hoping this little list will bring you some joy and entertainment. It sure has for me!