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5 Things Every Plus Size Babe Needs for the Beach

Want to enjoy the beach to the fullest this year as a plus size babe? Well, I’ve got 5 things you need for going to the beach and loving it! Sometimes, we overlook the simplest of things, so although some of these may be like a, “duh, I know that” moment, it may be something you’ve just simply overlooked in years past to make the beach an incredible experience for yourself. Why do plus size babes need to hear this? Well, if you’re like me, I spent a great part of my life being anxious about going to the beach. Fears like wearing a bathing suit, wondering if a chair would hold me up, or just would I be comfortable and confident plagued me. But, as I got older and really put in the work on my body image, I learned so many things that truly gave me joy and being able to relax at the beach without worrying about those things. I wanted to share those with you and how you can make going to the beach as a plus size babe the amazing experience you deserve. So, here’s what I’ve found to really help me enjoy the beach as a plus size babe.

1. Swimwear you feel comfortable in at the beach.

I have different swimwear that I like wearing to the pool versus the beach. At the pool, I’m typically moving around less and just lounging. At the beach, I’m hauling my stuff down to the beach, playing in the waves and going for walks. So, I like to wear swimsuits to the beach that I feel good moving in. For me, that means ones with a little more coverage or at least ones I’m not constantly having to readjust. This year, I was really impressed with Old Navy’s swimwear. I bought 3 swimsuits that all fit so great, and I wore them to our family beach trip for Mother’s Day. So, a must-have for your beach trip as a plus size babe is swimwear you’ll feel comfortable and confident in to fully enjoy your days in the sun.

2. A comfortable beach chair.

If you’re like me, I have a little trauma when it comes to beach chairs. I’m always scared they’re going to break or not fit my wider booty. But, I’ve come to realize I deserve a comfy chair at the beach just like everyone else instead of uncomfortably trying to sit on a towel and act like I’m ok with it. Here are my tips for finding a chair you’ll be comfortable in with a larger body. First, look for ones that sit higher off the ground. Most beach chairs are low to the ground, and those can be hard to get in and out of, especially if you have mobility issues. I have a horrible back, and the low chairs can be difficult for me to use. Second, look for a wider chair. I’m linking an example below and an awesome chair for all my plus size gals! Thirdly, if you’re ordering a chair, check the weight capacity. Look for ones with a higher weight so you’ll feel confident using it while at the beach. The one linked below has a 600 lb. weight capacity, which is awesome for a pop up chair! This all may sound over the top, but trust me, when you want to hit the beach with no worries, let the chair not even be a concern at all. Enjoy the beach with a relaxed mind and know you’re worthy to enjoy yourself. Amazing beach chair!

3. A large beach towel.

Next, invest in a great beach towel! Most of the cheaper ones can be pretty small, which doesn’t give you enough room to spread out and take up the space you deserve. Don’t let sand in all the wrong places ruin your day at the beach. Instead, look for bigger beach towels you can use over and over every year. I look for wide and long towels to ensure both my head and feet stay on the towel when laying out and that I don’t have to worry about my arms or side touching the sand either. I’m linking a bath towel sheet below that you can use at home or at the beach! Just order a bright, fun color, and it’ll be perfect for the beach with plenty of room to spread out and soak up the sun. Beach bath sheet.

4. Thigh Rescue

Over the past several years, I cannot endure any hot summer day without my Megababe Thigh Rescue. It’s become a summer essential that I swear by and recommend to all my plus size babes. Kiss thigh chafing goodbye with this amazing product. No more uncomfortable chub rub or wearing shorts under all your dresses. I apply mine a few times throughout the day (there’s a mini travel version you can throw in your bag), and it’s a life saver. I generously apply it over my whole inner thigh area that way no matter where my thighs may touch, there’s no friction. Like all Megababe products, there are no harsh chemicals, so you can put your mind at rest when using it. You deserve all-day comfort at the beach (and anywhere really), and Thigh Rescue is just what you need to enjoy your beach time. You can shop Megababe products at Ulta and Target stores.

5. A great pair of shorts.

I know for many plus size babes, including myself, shorts might still be intimidating to wear and shop. For me, I was so insecure as a kid and early adult with my body, that shorts were a traumatic experience. But, once I started on my body image journey, shorts are now part of my essential summer wardrobe. My tips for finding shorts you’ll feel good in are two complete opposite approaches. I either get shorts that are super loose and flowy to avoid riding up and feeling comfy, or I go with shorts that are super tight, like biker shorts, that also won’t ride up. Loose, flowy shorts are great because not only are they comfortable, but if they do ride up when you walk, they’re loose enough to just fall back down on their own. I also look for shorts that are long enough to cover the part of my inner thighs that rub the most (or I use Thigh Rescue), and that helps with them not riding up as well. I’d rather have a little bit longer short than constantly having to pick them out of a wedgie or crotch. I’m 5’5”, and I typically buy shorts that have a 4-5” inseam. Those work best for me, and they’re that perfect sweet spot of not too long or too short. Of course, every body is different, so shop around and test out different styles and lengths of shorts to find which ones work best for you and give you that comfort and confidence to enjoy the beach and summer this year!

So there you have it! 5 must-have items that every plus size babe needs to make going to the beach the best experience!