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2018 in Review

Girl Tribe Pop Up _Holiday 2018.jpg

This past year was absolutely amazing! I cannot begin to describe how rewarding, although hard, it has been growing and running Worthy Figures. I have met some incredible people from shoppers, to influencers, to other vendors, to small business owners. It has truly been wonderful meeting people who I feel deeply connected to and like we are all working toward something together. My shoppers help me feel validated that there is a need for my business. Other vendors and small business owners have given me a community of love, support, encouragement and advice. The influencers I’ve worked with have helped grow my business and have been so supportive. Every day I continue to be in awe of the privilege of getting to do this business. I am so grateful of what it’s taught me and the people it has brought into my life. Thank you for helping me keep this dream alive!

Thinking on this past year, I did a lot. Here’s just a taste of what 2018 looked like:

  • 29 vendor events

  • 2 TV appearances

  • 2 articles for Scoop Charlotte

  • 11 photo shoots

  • 500+ new followers

This business started as a small idea to bring affordable and stylish clothes to women sizes 12 and up who could actually try clothes on before buying. I continue to work toward bringing women trendy and stylish clothes in a way that makes you feel that you’re having just as amazing a shopping experience as anyone else. Why? Because we are women worthy of feeling that fashion is for us! You are worthy of loving who you are and your body. You are worthy of being able to walk in any store and find your size. That is what I continue working toward through this business, and I’m so excited for you to come along with me on this journey in 2019 and beyond.